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You know that reading is good for you. In a single book you’re getting someone’s lifetime of research, expertise, and wisdom in a neat 300-page package.

And the benefits don’t stop at nonfiction. Reading fiction develops empathy, reduces stress, enhances creativity, and teaches us what it means to be human.

Reading a book is nothing short of a magical experience.

But these days it’s difficult to find the willpower to slow down, sit down, and immerse yourself in a good book. The apps on your phone constantly cry out with irritable pings and notifications.

We are distracted all the time.

If you’re anything like me, your brain’s flying on autopilot. …

Cuddle up and get creeped out.

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Ah, Gothic literature. Moody, melancholic, and marvelous for a spooky night indoors.

If you’re looking for an atmospheric read for Halloween night, you can’t go wrong with some Gothic fiction. Here are 6 short classics to get cozy and just a little creepy this October.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

No classic spooky reading list would be complete without it. Yes, it is a masterpiece of horror and science fiction, but also simply a delight to read. It’s hard to overstate the exquisite beauty of Mary Shelley’s prose.

In Frankenstein you have a melancholy novel about rejection, identity, and humanity. If you’re only familiar with the popular image of the “monster” do yourself a favor and get your hands on this dark and beautiful novel now. …

You’ll achieve all your reading goals with these simple tricks.

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You know that feeling. Glancing at your bookshelf, feeling guilty for buying all those books and putting them aside to be read later. Only — later came and went and those books are still hanging out the shelf collecting dust.

If you’re ready to dig into your TBR pile, you got this. You can read and enjoy more books this year with some pretty simple tricks.

1. Make Reading a Habit

Much of our lives are built upon routines, consisting of everyday activities we do in the same place, in the same context.

Health research shows us that incorporating health recommendations into a routine leads to sticking to healthy lifestyle changes for the long-term. Likewise, transforming the activity of reading into a habit will help you build reading into your lifestyle. …

There’s still a delicious world to discover without leaving your own town.

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Yes, your plans to eat (or drink) your way through the south of France were disrupted, but you can still have an amazing summer without crossing an ocean.

If there’s one thing certain today, it’s that restaurants, coffee shops, local markets, and small businesses need your support more than ever.

You’re staying home for the foreseeable future, so take this year to create an epic food tour of your own city. Discover the local gems in your hometown, play tourist, and reintroduce a little adventure to your days.

There’s always something new to explore, even if you’ve been living where you’re at for over 20 years. …

And how you can get started today

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These days, it feels like everything demands your attention.

All. The. Time.

Your focus is split between breaking news headlines (what else is falling apart today?), work deadlines, and basic survival needs.

Each day you’re faced with a constant flood of demands and there’s no end to the waves crashing down on you. The nonstop overload has you feeling like a ship about to be consumed by the storm.

It’s time to navigate softly to smoother waters, friend.

While it feels like you have no control over your reactions — you can, with the simple yet powerful practice of meditation. …

How you can use the extra time at home to tackle new cooking projects.

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You’ve been promising yourself for years you’d get to that homemade dumplings recipe once you had more time. Well, now that you’re home, there’s no better time to start honing the skills you’ve been putting off.

Let’s face it. This was not how anyone imagined 2020 would be.

Instead of that food tour in Sicily, you’re stuck at home staring at a box of frozen pizza (sigh).

I know.

But, as you’re spending more time at home than ever before, why not create the dishes you’re craving? …


Mila Meldosian

A full-time writer and all-the-time promoter of cheese boards.

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